Thursday, November 3, 2016

Markdown rendering issues on Hackage

Just a quick post on some Markdown rendering issues I recently ran into on Hackage. They were very annoying as the markup was properly rendered on github, and I could not spot any obvious problems.

1. First header is rendered as the original markup

You get

          ## synopsis

instead of


Solution: there is an invisible Unicode byte order mark in the beginning of the file. Seemingly Hackage does not like Unicode.

2. Subsequent lists are merged

You have a markup like this:

* list1_item1
* list1_item2

Something in between

* list2_item1
* list2_item2

Something to the end
But you get something like this:

  • list1_item1
  • list1_item2  Something in between
  • list2_item1
  • list2_item2  Something to the end

Solution: you have Windows line endings. Obviously Hackage does not like Windows line endings.


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